Audio adventure stories for children

When my daughter was about 4 years old, I told her a bedtime story about a young girl named Elizabeth and her dragon friend, Hubert. She loved the story and she demanded a sequel the next night. So started a tradition where each day, after baths and brushing of teeth, my daughter would lay in her bed, I would dim the lights, and we would share in the continuing adventures of Hubert and Elizabeth.


This continued for 2 years, and each day I had to invent a new adventure (that's over 700 stories, if you are keeping track!). This story hour became a treasured time for us both, and my wife frequently had to come in and remind us we were far past her bedtime. As my daughter grew up, we slowly moved over to reading novels before bedtime, but my daughter (and later, my son) would still occasionally request a 'telling story' before bedtime.


One day, after enjoying some audiobook podcasts, I decided to create audiobook versions of our stories, so the children could listen to them whenever they pleased.


Not only did the children love the audiobook versions of their favorite stories, but I found I really enjoyed creating them. The writing, the voice acting, the entire production was so much fun that I was easily convinced to make more.


The audio adventures on this website are the result of this labour of love. They are all free to download and listen to. It is my fervent hope that your children enjoy a little sampling of our Story Hour tradition.